Nakking on Evans' Door

Quick coverage of my day at Heroes Con. Got in from Detroit around noon and made it downtown by 1pm where I got to meet my new bff, Kelly. Also got to meet the adorable Winter ( and got to pass on Pearle’s concerns with Clint and caffeine to Matt. Spent the rest of the day glomming on to different Carols and wandering around.

Also, I found me a Jessica Drew. She was awesome. I love her.

After the Carol Corps panel (which was fantastic), a collection of cool people had dinner. Overall, a frelling wonderful day :D

Heading to Heroes Con again tomorrow morning and then back to DTW and onwards to Boston Monday morning.

BTW, I’m awful at taking pictures of myself at conventions, so I’m just reblogging pics I’m in as I find them :)

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    I don’t believe this Jessica Drew exists. She is clearly a figment of your imagination. Even if you did cling to her...
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